What’s On My Plate?

Hello World, this is me again from the other side. I can’t believe I spared another room for thoughts. In fact, this whole section is started as to welcome myself to a new decade by channeling the force to know myself better. I have decided to commit into journalling my new endeavor into basic and natural treatment on The Leaf Fairy, keeping up with my passion for food and its gems at Eat-Inerary, also embracing an exciting transition with my partner, Eps, in The Beeps — all the way crafting the decent path of simple living to stay content.

I don’t know what would tomorrow brings, but at least I got what I need on my plate at the moment with people whom I could always learn from. Turning thirty seems like a book of blank papers to fill with excitement and hopes, with more time to travel the road and keep exploring possibilities with what I can do with my hands. And this whole journaling thing (be it written in English or Bahasa Indonesia) would be one of grateful ways to live a brand (new) day each day. Thus, if you happen to bound here and read this message, I would love to share what’s on my plate with you.

Aside from this new wonderland of me, I still known as the busy bee and get my hands dirty as Creative Chief at Letterplatters, running Kramakata from miles apart, publishing alternative lits with Kreasi Komunikata, travel, taking pictures and write stories, also consistently able to be found on my nest at daily basis.


Rekam jejak, peralihan, dan cerita-cerita sederhana dalam keseharian.